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Brighton Belle

Brighton Belle

Sara Sheridan Paperback, 256 pages; 2017 (2016)
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During World War II, Mirabelle Bevan worked behind the scenes for British intelligence, her sharp intellect devoted to the nation's war effort. Six years later, peacetime finds Mirabelle living alone in the coastal town of Brighton, mourning the death of her married lover and passing her days as a secretary for a collection agency. But when a man comes looking to collect on a debt from a missing woman - a woman who soon turns up dead - Mirabelle's war-honed instincts tell her something is amiss. With the help of an old priest who once spied on the Nazis and her spunky new friend Vesta, Mirabelle is soon embroiled in a tangled web of kidnapping, prostitution, money laundering…and murder. If Nancy Drew had a beautiful, worldly British aunt, she'd probably be a lot like Mirabelle, making this breezy historical mystery a jolly good read! (KG)

(UM3652) Brighton Belle


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