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Amy Snow

Amy Snow

Tracy Rees Paperback, 555 pages; 2015
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In 1831, an infant is found naked and abandoned in a snow bank by Aurelia Vennaway - the precocious eight-year-old heiress of Lord and Lady Vennaway - and given the name Amy Snow. Raised in the kitchen and scorned by the Lord and Lady, Amy's only friend is the headstrong Aurelia, who constantly defies her parents' wishes and treats Amy as the sister she never had. When Aurelia dies of a heart condition at twenty-three, the heartbroken Amy receives ten pounds as inheritance - and a letter from Aurelia, written in code and delivered in secret, beseeching Amy to follow a treasure hunt of Aurelia's design. Banished from the house by the spiteful Vennaways, Amy takes up her companion's request, journeying to London, Bath, and beyond, as she follows the mystery to its inevitable conclusion. You'll fly through the pages of this historical novel about love, trust, and family. (SM)

(UM4162) Amy Snow


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