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A View of the Harbour

A View of the Harbour

Elizabeth Taylor Paperback, 312 pages; 2015 (1947)
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Often compared to Jane Austen, Elizabeth Taylor (the English novelist who died in 1975, not the actress) wrote about the domestic dramas and personal crises of everyday people with unflinching honesty, wry humor, and pitch-perfect dialogue. In A View of the Harbour, she delves into the lives of the inhabitants of a fading seaside town on the British coast in the 1940s. There's the distracted novelist, Beth, who's oblivious to the growing passion between her doctor husband and her best friend, a glamorous divorcee. Their daughter, Prudence, is aware of the looming infidelity, and ponders what to do about it. The elderly bedridden Mrs. Bracey passes the days antagonizing her daughters and judging the goings-on out of her window. A lonely war widow in charge of the waxworks, a dreamy waitress at the local pub, an old bachelor with artistic dreams...the expertly realized cast of characters draws the reader into the world of the novel, a wholly absorbing literary vacation for the discerning reader.(AG)

This title is part of our 2016 Bluestocking Book a Month package.

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(UK5412) A View of the Harbour


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