Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible

Margaret McAllister and illustrated by Alida Massari Hardcover, 48 pages; 2013
#UK0242 $16.99 $13.59

I recently heard a minister express dismay when his young daughter, who'd just begun reading the Bible on her own, asked him, "Why is it a book just for boys?" It's not, of course, but female voices in the Bible are sometimes drowned out by the sweeping sagas of Abraham, Moses, and other male scions of the Old and New Testaments. Fortunately, this beautifully illustrated collection is devoted to those women whose journeys of faith are among the most deeply personal in the Scriptures. Each of the ten short stories expands on specific Biblical chapters and verses, imagining detailed narratives for the familiar (Ruth; Mary of Nazareth; Mary of Magdala) and the lesser-known (Mother Noah; Lydia; the wife of Pontius Pilate) women whose lives were transformed by God. What an uplifting experience for your young reader! For ages 7 to 12. (KG)

(UK0242) Women of the Bible


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