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What Pets Teach Us

What Pets Teach Us

Hardcover, 32 pages; 2006
#UK6142 $12.95 $3.89

The life lessons presented in this charming picture book have been espoused by grown-ups for generations, but we suspect the youngsters you know will be much more receptive to hearing them from these wild and woolly teachers! Simple pearls of wisdom are paired with adorable photos of animals practicing what they preach: a white-and-brown pup sprawls atop a pile of doggy treats with the caption, "A few treats are okay...but too many can make your belly hurt"; a damp kitten dangling from the edge of a fish tank shows why it's important to "ask for help if you get into trouble"; a dog and a parrot hanging out together explain that "Some friends don't look anything like you...but they can still be friends just the same." If only all life lessons could be this cute! For ages 2 and up. (KG)

(UK6142) What Pets Teach Us


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$12.95 $3.89
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