Well-Read Kids' Packs - "Read Me a Story"

Well-Read Kids' Packs - "Read Me a Story"

for ages 3 to 5
#UK5452 $99.95

It's difficult to know what will please the young people you know, so Bas Bleu has created three perfect packages, sure to delight babies, toddlers, and elementary-school beginners. Each cute and sturdy canvas bag (made in the U.S.A.) is filled with age-appropriate books, puzzles, games, and other goodies that stimulate the mind and tickle the funny bone. You can look online for a list of the items included in each bag, but - trust us - this is good stuff!The "Read Me a Story" package includes:

•"Read Me a Story" tote bag
Jack, Jill, and All Their Friends nursery songs CD
•Rhyming flash cards
Creature ABC flash cards
Goodnight Stories Collection: 7 Delightful Stories for Bedtime Reading
•Moby-Dick 30-piece puzzle
•Animal spelling puzzle
Hide and Seek: An Around-the-World Animal Search
Bas Bleu Exclusive

(UK5452) Well-Read Kids' Packs - "Read Me a Story"


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