The Bear's Song

The Bear's Song

Benjamin Chaud Hardcover, 32 pages; 2013
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Papa Bear is settling down for his long winter's nap, but Little Bear isn't sleepy at all! When he wanders away from home while chasing a honeybee, Papa Bear races after him, running through the woods and into the city. Dodging traffic and crowds, Papa Bear follows Little Bear into the opera house - and lands in the spotlight on the stage! With the audience looking on, Papa Bear decides to sing his special song...a song only Little Bear could love. An oversized (9¾"x14") picture book illustrated with intricately detailed woodland and city scenes (we think they're perfect for impromptu games of I Spy), The Bear's Song is a heartwarming celebration of the special bond between fathers and their children. Your little cubs will also enjoy The Bear's Song Matching Game, a fun memory game including sixty discs illustrated with images from the book. For ages 3 and up. (KG)

(UK6892) The Bear's Song


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