How to Tell a Story Book and Blocks Set

How to Tell a Story Book and Blocks Set

Daniel Nayeri and illustrated by Brian Won
#UK4362 $19.95 $15.96

An instructional creative-writing class and interactive storytelling game all rolled into one, this colorful boxed kit encourages and inspires budding young scribes! A 144-page book covers the essentials of successful tales: conflict, motivation, dialogue, character, plot, and theme. Examples, exercises, prompts, and multiplayer (or solo) games in the book utilize the twenty six-sided blocks, which feature cute illustrations of characters, things, places, descriptions/ emotions, actions, or relationships. Each category is color-coded, so an exercise about motivation solicits kids to roll the cubes and find a "red" (a fire-breathing dragon or a Girl Scout, for example) who wants nothing more in the world than a "blue" (a treasure chest or a taco). Creative kids will find endless possibilities for imaginative adventures! For ages 8 to 12.

(UK4362) How to Tell a Story Book and Blocks Set


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