Charley Harper Board Books Collection

Charley Harper Board Books Collection

Zoe Burke with illustrations by Charley Harper Set of three board books
#UL1372 $32.85

Bold, vibrant nature illustrations from beloved American modernist Charley Harper grace these number, color, and alphabet board books for tots. In Count the Birds, "one bunting sits and sings, two bluebirds flutter their wings, three grosbeaks wait to fly, four puffins pass us by..." and so on, all colorfully pictured, up to ten baby quail. The Book of Colors reveals "a sleepy cat with orange spots, a bumblebee with stripes of yellow...a green bird whose head is blue" and several other dynamic Harper creations. And in Animal Alphabet you'll find a thrilling parade of Harper's wildlife, from armadillo and beaver to yellow warbler and zebra! These three special board books make for exceptionally gorgeous read-aloud fun! For ages infant to three. (CH)

(UL1372) Charley Harper Board Books Collection


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