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Women Who Read Are Dangerous

Women Who Read Are Dangerous

Stefan Bollmann Hardcover, 149 pages; 2016
#UL4462 $21.95 Members' Price: $18.66

Once upon a time, women were discouraged from reading by men, who feared their doing so would breed rebellion and dissatisfaction in the female heart. We, of course, believe women who read should be celebrated, just as they are in this gorgeous collection of paintings (and a few photographs). A Cumaean sibyl reading on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; Madame de Pompadour relaxing with a book in her boudoir; a pregnant woman scanning a letter...viewing each masterpiece feels like being let in on a secret each woman keeps close to her heart. Enriched with brief essays about the images and the artists - Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, and many more - Women Who Read Are Dangerous is a fitting tribute to readers, for well as art-lovers! (KG)

(UL4462) Women Who Read Are Dangerous


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