Wings of the Morning by Louis Tracy

Wings of the Morning by Louis Tracy

Paperback, 354 pages; 2016 (1903)
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A shipwreck, two survivors left to defend themselves against the elements, a gently budding romance...Wings of the Morning is a swashbuckling literary escape first published in 1903! Lovely Iris, the wealthy only daughter of an international businessman, is en route back to England when her ship collides with a barrier reef. She's pulled ashore a desert island by the rugged Robert, a sailor with a mysterious secret. Together, the strangers must find shelter and sustenance as they battle such formidable foes as powerful storms, bloodthirsty sharks, a giant killer octopus, and headhunting "natives." [Note: This is a facsimile reproduction of the original book, so outdated language and notions remain part of the text.] Our hero is, of course, very strong, handy, and handsome - despite having what some modern readers might find an annoying sense of entitlement and superiority. But the naïve but spirited Iris proves a plucky heroine, and their thrilling adventures coupled with their inevitable romance make for an enormously entertaining read! (AG)

(UL3172) Wings of the Morning by Louis Tracy


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