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What Do You Do with a Problem?

What Do You Do with a Problem?

Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom Hardcover, 36 pages; 2016
#UL6982 $16.95 Members' Price: $14.41

I shooed it. I scowled at it. I tried ignoring it. But nothing worked. I started to worry about my problem. What if it swallows me up?

In this thoughtful children's book, a little boy struggles with a problem - represented here by an ominous dark cloud - that threatens to consume him. He sees it everywhere, and it finds him even when he tries to hide from it. He thinks about it constantly, worrying about all the things the problem could make happen, until it grows into a full-fledged storm and "I didn't feel good at all." But when the boy musters up the courage to face his problem head on, he discovers something amazing hidden inside that dark cloud! With its evocative illustrations, What Do You Do with a Problem? offers little readers a gentle lesson in tackling adversity - a new school, a dentist appointment - and the anxiety that comes with it. For ages 4 to 8. (KG)

(UL6982) What Do You Do with a Problem?


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