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Georgette Heyer Paperback, 375 pages; 2011 (1958)
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By Regency England's standards, beautiful Venetia Lanyon is very nearly "on the shelf," her marriage prospects stunted by an isolated country life and guardianship of her younger brother Aubrey. Venetia doesn't mind in the least: She's rather fond of living her life as she pleases. But when Aubrey is injured in a riding accident on a nearby estate and Venetia rushes to his side, she lands squarely in the sights of Lord Damerel, England's most notorious rake! Their meeting is enough to set tongues wagging throughout the county, though Venetia can't understand the fuss. She's much too practical to swoon over such a man, and Damerel would never waste his time seducing such a guileless girl. Instead, the pair decides to become friends, recognizing in one another a rare shared wit and intellect - not to mention a genial disregard for the opinions of others. Fate, of course, has other plans, as Georgette Heyer deftly reveals in this delightfully charming - and oh-so-amusing! - romance. It's a gem! (KG)

(UK7962) Venetia


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$18.99 $15.19
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