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To the Moon

To the Moon

illustrated by Sarah Yoon
#UL4352 $14.95

Take creativity to new heights when you unleash your imagination in this extraordinary coloring book. Between these covers you won't find any pages to turn; instead, a single accordion-style sheet of sturdy paper unfolds to reveal one continuous illustration, a fantastically detailed "tower" that reaches all the way to the moon! At the bottom of the picture - and serving as the tower's base - is a typical earthbound house. But atop its roof, trees, space ports, flying elephants, castles in the sky, an airborne circus, giant gumball machines, fire-breathing dragons, shark tanks, acrobatic sheep, and satellites climb upward through the stratosphere. Purporting to be "the tallest coloring book in the world," To the Moon extends to an impressive fifteen feet, the black-and-white ink illustration promising hours of coloring fun for older kids and adults. Our Bright Ideas Metallic Pencils - a boxed set of twelve super-cool shimmering shades - are perfect for filling in the otherworldly images!

(UL4352) To the Moon


No Longer Available

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