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To "Due" List Kit

To "Due" List Kit

#UL4322 $12.95

Library loyalists know: Ignoring the due date written on your library book's checkout card is just not done. So what better way to ensure you stick to your to-do list than to transform it into a To "Due" List? Simply jot your shopping list, chores, errands, or other litany of tasks onto one of these colorful 3"x5" notecards, then slip it into your pocket or purse and see just how productive you can be! Sixteen of the iconic cards - in bright shades of blue, yellow, green, and orange - fit neatly into a buff-colored pouch, with a magnet on the back for affixing it to your fridge. As a bonus, we're including a replacement pack of twenty-five additional cards (for a total of forty-one cards), to keep you organized and on-task!

(UL4322) To "Due" List Kit


No Longer Available

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