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The Time Traveler's Handbook

The Time Traveler's Handbook

James Wyllie, Johnny Acton, and David Goldblatt Hardcover, 338 pages; 2016
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Sure, you can visit museums to learn about history, but what about actually being there to meet Kubla Khan with Marco Polo, attend opening night at Shakespeare's Globe Theater, or party with revelers at Woodstock? This unconventional "travel guide" offers all-inclusive voyages to the past, to experience firsthand eighteen such epic moments in history, from the eruption of Vesuvius to the fall of the Berlin Wall. For each entry, time travelers will find insightful historical context and a riveting play-by-play of the events, as well as advice on local customs, era-appropriate attire, and food and drink you're likely to encounter, not to mention all kinds of maps and colorful illustrations. It's an innovative way to bring history to life for students and history buffs alike. (AG)

(UL6852) The Time Traveler's Handbook


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