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The Secrets of Your Handwriting

The Secrets of Your Handwriting

Allan Conway Hardcover, 224 pages; 2015
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Graphology - the study of handwriting as a way to reveal personality - may be considered a science, an art, or a pseudoscience (or some combination of the three). But, as this thorough little book reveals, scrutinizing the details of someone's script (your own, a friend's, a famous person's...) can be both fun and fascinating. The Secrets of Your Handwriting explains in great detail (and with visual examples) how to interpret every aspect of the handwritten word - pressure, slant, spacing, form, size, loops, and more. There's even a chapter showing the signatures and/or writing samples from historical figures (Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, and Sigmund Freud, among others), accompanied by graphologist Allan Conway's analysis of them. What fun for fans of putting pen to paper! (CH)

(UL4062) The Secrets of Your Handwriting


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