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The Gift of Happiness

The Gift of Happiness

Yvette Jane Hardcover, 160 pages; 2014
#UM0842 $9.95

Santosa is a Sanskrit word meaning "contentment and acceptance for where we are right now." Allow this beautiful word to enter your vocabulary and let its message brighten your daily life.

Full of uplifting quotes ("Laughter is an instant vacation." - Milton Berle), sage advice ("be flexible," "enjoy the sheer exuberance that [children] bring to the simplest of things," "don't compare yourself to others"), and joyful little activity tips ("incorporate a short walk into your daily routine," "plan a trip to a destination you have dreamed of," "place a vase of flowers in your home or workplace"), this tiny little book (4"x5¼") packs a tremendous amount of joy! Give The Gift of Happiness to your nearest and dearest (and to yourself, too!)...could there be a more pleasant present? (CH)

(UM0842) The Gift of Happiness


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