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The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors

The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors

Josh Chetwynd Hardcover, 256 pages; 2016
#UL5992 $15.00 Members' Price: $12.75

Even if you're the sort who brings a novel to a baseball game, you're likely familiar with the sporting origins of common expressions such as "step up to the plate" (baseball), "the ball is in your court" (tennis), and "pit stop" (auto racing). But you might be surprised to learn that the modern usage of the word "fluke" can be traced to billiards, "throw in the towel" comes from boxing, and "shoo-ins" were first found at horse racetracks. This entertaining "compendium of competitive words and idioms" offers a wealth of such often-surprising linguistic trivia, revealing the recreational sources - with fascinating info about the sport as well as entertaining examples from politicians and pop-culture stars - of all sorts of terms, phrases, and metaphors. What a fun gift for an eloquent athlete or fan! (AG)

(UL5992) The Field Guide to Sports Metaphors


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