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The Bridge Ladies

The Bridge Ladies

Betsy Lerner Hardcover, 299 pages; 2016
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Despite differences and silences built up over the years, there exists a devotion to one another; these are dutiful women, their love flinty, but made to last...Facebook may connect us across the world and throughout eternity, but it won't deliver a pot roast.

As a teenager, Betsy Lerner wanted nothing more than to escape her staunchly traditional mother, Roz. Years later, after her father's death, Lerner realized Roz wouldn't be around forever...and there was still so much unsaid between them. For help, Lerner turned to Roz's bridge club, women whose strict schedule of luncheons and card games had sustained them through decades of life's ups and downs. Over hands of cards, Lerner drew out the ladies' insights into marriage, motherhood, feminism, aging, grief, and, yes, bridge...and finally began to appreciate her mother's complexities and carefully guarded sorrows. The Bridge Ladies isn't exactly a warm and fuzzy reconciliation tale, but it is a poignant and thoughtfully illuminating examination of female kinship. (KG)

(UL5852) The Bridge Ladies


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