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The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible

The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible

Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner Paperback, 391 pages; 2016 (2008)
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Just as Jesus used parables to teach his followers about God, stories found throughout the Bible can be used to bolster faith and deepen understanding of the Good Book's teachings. This unique devotional presents fifty-two stories from the Bible, one for every week of the year, condensed and paraphrased from Scripture into one-page tales. Read the assigned story each Monday, then spend the remainder of the week exploring how the story should shape beliefs (Tuesday), values (Wednesday), and actions (Thursday). Each week's study concludes on Friday with a prayerful response. While not a comprehensive resource - accounts of Esther and Job are just two of the traditional stories missing from this collection - The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible is nonetheless a meaningful tool for thoughtful devotion. (KG)

(UL5732) The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible


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