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Short Stack Cookbooks - Peaches

Short Stack Cookbooks - Peaches

#UL4162 $14.00

From their beautiful covers to the innovative recipes inside, the Short Stack Cookbooks are scrumptious treats for home cooks and foodies! An up-and-coming culinary wiz passionate about the featured ingredient pens each edition. (Food editor and chef Alison Roman, for example, gushes that the lemon "is the single most interesting, versatile, beautiful and delicious thing you can cook with.") Time-tested recipes (about a dozen or two in each book) showcasing the versatility of the food are presented with a wealth of valuable knowledge and insider tips. You'll find reliable instructions for perfecting classic dishes like deviled eggs, peach cobbler, and corn chowder, but how fun to try your hand at roasted broccoli hummus, strawberry tart with goat cheese filling, or chocolate pasta. Make your own set of the slim volumes with your favorite ingredients, or pick up a personalized gift for your tomato- (or chocolate-, or corn-, or broccoli-) loving friend! Choose from Choose from Broccoli, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Chocolate, Eggs, Corn, Lemons or Peaches. (AG)

(UL4162) Short Stack Cookbooks - Peaches


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