Roots and Shoots: Gardening Gloves

Roots and Shoots: Gardening Gloves

#UL4002 $18.00

As hard as you work to make your garden look good, why shouldn't you look good tending it? Sow and prune in style with our cute (yet practical!) Roots and Shoots gardening accessories, all decorated with colorful, vintage-style seed-packet illustrations. Made from sturdy 100% cotton canvas, our 16"x23½" Gardening Apron features a generous waist tie and three deep pockets - roomy enough for your trowel, gloves, stakes, and seeds. Our cotton Gardening Gloves fit most women's hands and protect green thumbs (and fingers) from dirt, thorns, and bugs. And our 3-liter Watering Can, made from powder-coated galvanized steel, is a handy alternative to dragging the garden hose through your flower beds. So cute!

(UL4002) Roots and Shoots: Gardening Gloves


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