Real Simple Solutions

Real Simple Solutions

by the editors of Real Simple Paperback, 191 pages; 2009 (2005)
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With the same clean, bright, gloriously uncomplicated aesthetic as Real Simple magazine, this inspiring how-to book presents "inventive new ways to use household items" (freeze aloe vera gel in an ice-cube tray for cold cubes of sunburn relief, for example), "quick tips for refreshing your surroundings" (mount sconces or swing-arm wall lamps beside your bed to free up space on side tables), "foolproof instructions for doing routine tasks" (discover mail-taming systems you can set up in the office), "and essential reference information" (make copies of the comprehensive "master grocery list" for your kitchen to make shopping a snap). Browse through Real Simple Solutions and equip yourself for a calmer, tidier, and more beautiful home life! (CH)

(UL2492) Real Simple Solutions


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$21.95 $8.78
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