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On the Origins of Sports

On the Origins of Sports

Gary Belsky and Neil Fine Hardcover, 255 pages; 2016
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You need not be athletic or a fan of a particular game to be fascinated by this lively compendium of sports-related miscellany. From baseball's non-American roots to the moonshine-soaked inception of NASCAR to the ancient Egyptian precursor to bowling, the unexpected origins of twenty-one popular organized games (fantasy football, poker, and kickball among them) are succinctly examined, along with the original rules for each, annotated to explain how play has changed over the years. Fun illustrations and charts look at the evolution of the baseball glove, the football helmet, and the bowling pin; the relative shapes and sizes of various balls, rackets, and trophies; a smattering of Texas Hold'em hold-card nicknames, scoring signals, team sizes, sporting field terminology, and more. On your mark, get set, go! (AG)

(UL3872) On the Origins of Sports


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