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Lighthouses of the World

Lighthouses of the World

Lisa Purcell Hardcover, 190 pages; 2015 (2014)
#UL3182 $24.99 $19.99

For millennia, lighthouses have guided travelers to safety and captivated the imaginations of landlubbers dreaming of faraway lands. Today, though technological advances in navigation have rendered many of the grand beacons obsolete, lighthouses continue to stand sentry as monuments to history and beauty. But you don't need a passport and a pack of sea sickness pills to tour the Lighthouses of the World. You need only settle into your favorite reading chair with this beautiful pictorial guide, packed with color photographs of dozens of beacons perched on the world's shores. In these pages you'll "visit" the remnants of a first-century Roman lighthouse in England, a cast-iron tower in South Africa, a solar-powered New Zealand lighthouse, Spain's 1,900-year-old Tower of Hercules, the Alcatraz Island Lighthouse in San Francisco Bay, Hilton Head's iconic red-and-white-striped Harbour Town Lighthouse, and many, many more. Stunning! (KG)

(UL3182) Lighthouses of the World


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