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Letters to You

Letters to You

#UL6212 $24.95

As a parent, it can be difficult to find the time to record the many milestones and precious moments of your child's life. (After all, there's a lot to be said for actually experiencing those moments with our children, too!). With just a few pages to fill in each year, this lovely hardcover journal offers a beautiful - and stressfree! - opportunity to preserve and share memories and thoughtful reflections about your precious little one as he or she grows up. For each year - from their first to their eighteenth - there are a few meaningful, age-specific prompts to complete, such as "When I see you sleeping, I feel..."; "One day, I know you are going to be a great..."; and "I've never been prouder of you than when...". Fill in your responses, and then find a page to pen a heartfelt letter to your progeny. Whether you reread the pages with your child over the years, or present the completed journal to your grown-up kid on a special occasion, Letters to You will be cherished by both parent and child.

(UL6212) Letters to You


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