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France: The Cookbook

France: The Cookbook

Ginette Mathiot Hardcover, 975 pages; 2016 (2009)
#UL7782 $49.95

French chef Ginette Mathiot set out to write a comprehensive cookbook for the French housewife, publishing her results in 1932 as Je sais cuisine. Translated and updated for modern tastes, France: The Cookbook guides the reader through the basics of French fare, offering more than a thousand recipes - from simple sauces and dressings to rich entrees and desserts, drinks, and jellies. Filled with helpful definitions, handy charts, and gorgeous color photos, this bible of French cuisine is great for the beginning cook or the seasoned chef looking to kick the menu up a notch. Once you try your first recipe, this book is sure to earn a place of honor on your kitchen shelf. (SM)

(UL7782) France: The Cookbook


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