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Fountain Pen Patent Framed Art

Fountain Pen Patent Framed Art

#UL2242 $79.95

Sure, modern technology is impressive, but we have a soft spot for good ol' pen and paper. If you, too, swoon over the brilliant mechanics of an old-fashioned fountain pen - as well as the beauty of the handwritten script it enabled - you'll want to display our handsome Fountain Pen Patent Framed Art in a prominent spot. J. F. Betzler's official 1905 patent drawing is printed in white ink on recycled charcoal-colored denim and framed in rustic reclaimed wood with a distressed white-painted finish. Measuring 18"-square, the uniquely striking artwork adds a nostalgically chic and erudite touch to the décor of a library, office, or den.

(UL2242) Fountain Pen Patent Framed Art


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