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Flowers for the Judge

Flowers for the Judge

Paperback, 272 pages; 2008 (1936)
#UG5612 $14.95 $9.71

The Barnabas publishing dynasty is no stranger to mystery; after all, the founder's nephew is legendary for having disappeared in broad daylight. Yet the discovery of one of the Barnabas cousins, dead for some days inside a locked basement, throws the entire clan in disarray. As police suspicions settle on a member of the family, the Barnabas cousins have no choice but to ask Albert Campion to step in and salvage their reputations. But everywhere he turns, Campion finds more questions than answers. Just what was the deceased Barnabas doing in that basement in his evening clothes and bowler hat? Why is his secretary acting so strange? And the original disappearing nephew - where, exactly, did he disappear to? Originally published in 1936, Flowers for the Judge marks a departure from earlier Campion novels in presenting a more mature version of the detective at the center of the series, and spending a lot more time on characterization. More than just a satisfying mystery, this beautifully written novel is simply a good read. (MT)

(UG5612) Flowers for the Judge


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