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Five-Plant Gardens

Five-Plant Gardens

Nancy J. Ondra and photography by Rob Cardillo Paperback, 182 pages; 2014
#UL2602 $18.95 $13.27

Whenever I walk into a garden shop, I'm overwhelmed by all the beautiful choices... and at a loss as to which plants will work in my yard without demanding too much skill and attention from me. Fortunately, professional gardener Nancy Ondra knows I'm not the only aspiring green thumb needing a nudge in the right direction! In this wonderfully useful how-to guide, Ondra lays out fifty-two relatively simple five-plant combinations that will make a big impact in your garden. And since all of the plants she recommends are perennials, you won't have to worry about replanting your flower beds every spring! Complete with shopping lists, planting diagrams, and seasonal care tips, along with plant suggestions for yards with full sun, partial shade, dry soil, or other environmental challenges, Five-Plant Gardens will go a long way toward helping you get your garden into tip-top shape! (KG)

(UL2602) Five-Plant Gardens


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