Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective

Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective

Leslie Thomas Paperback, 272 pages; 2011 (1976)
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Detective Constable Davies is known as "dangerous" in the same way that some fat men are called "Tiny." It's generally agreed among his colleagues that "Dange" is primarily a threat to himself. Is there a cobblestone to be tripped over, a mean dog to antagonize, a cup of tea to be spilled (hot, and onto one's last clean shirt)? DC Davies will find it. Odds are, he will also find the bad guy, but never by using conventional police techniques: Dange's detecting strategies tend to involve drinking too much and chewing things over with his best mate, Mod, an under-employed Welsh poet. The case in Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective, Dange's debut outing, centers on a long-disappeared young woman who may not have been the 1950s-style good girl that everyone believed. But the real pleasure lies in Dange's ironic introspection and quirky (and often snort-with-laughter funny) interactions with suspects, his fellow coppers, his long-suffering ex-wife, and the magnificent Mod. (MT)

(UF2112) Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective


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