A Memoir of Vincent van Gogh

A Memoir of Vincent van Gogh

Jo van Gogh-Bonger Paperback, 190 pages; 2015 (1990)
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It's remarkable how much beauty - and how much sorrow - is contained within this little 4½"x5¾" book! Written by Vincent van Gogh's sister-in-law, the long-neglected short biography is very personal (albeit slightly biased by family connection), drawing on letters written by Vincent, his brother Theo, his parents, close friends, and fellow artists. Van Gogh's passion, volatility, and melancholy are immediately real and affecting, and the reader quickly grasps how emotionally difficult it was to be close to this eccentric artistic genius. Accompanying the tragic details of his life are dozens of color reproductions of Van Gogh's work - adding a gorgeous and moving visual element to the story. (CH)

(UL3772) A Memoir of Vincent van Gogh


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