The Tiger in the Smoke

The Tiger in the Smoke

Margery Allingham Paperback, 290 pages; 2010 (1952)
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The Tiger in the Smoke is widely recognized as both Margery Allingham's masterpiece and one of the great detective novels of the twentieth century. While it retains the wit and light touch of all the Albert Campion books, The Tiger in the Smoke also features an air of tense suspense that makes the book feel surprisingly contemporary, as Campion searches for a vicious serial killer. "The Smoke" was Cockney and hep-cat slang for London, and Allingham's use of the term was almost certainly a signal that, with this book, she was taking a new (and somewhat darker) tack. The feel is by no means so grim as to disappoint fans of the series (and of Golden Age crime fiction in general) - there are still quips aplenty - but it may also appeal to readers who do not typically enjoy vintage whodunits. (MT)

(UD3442) The Tiger in the Smoke


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