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The Complete Audio Holy Bible

The Complete Audio Holy Bible

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Reading the entire Bible from cover to cover is a major undertaking for anyone, even before you factor in hectic schedules and that miniscule print. Now you can experience the Bible in full - from Genesis through Revelation - without straining your eyes thanks to The Complete Audio Holy Bible. All sixty-six books of the King James version of the Bible have been recorded onto sixty CDs, perfect for listening to in the car, while doing household chores, or during your daily devotional. Think the voice reciting the Gospels sounds familiar? It should: It belongs to James Earl Jones, who narrates the New Testament. (Jon Sherberg reads the Old Testament.) The CDs are stored neatly in a zippered 6"x11" carrying case and labeled with book, chapter, and verse for easy searching. With a running time of more than sixty hours, this audio Bible offers an inspired new way to weave the Word of God into your daily life.

(UL2062) The Complete Audio Holy Bible


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