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Summer Fun Animal Cards

Summer Fun Animal Cards

#UM5112 $18.95

What, you thought only humans could make the most of summer's long days and beautiful weather? We're delighted to introduce the irrepressibly charming Stella AlmaGemela Javelina, JR de la Paz Softshell Crab, Rally Manonash Brown Pelican, Murray Maynooth Moose, Pearl Papineau Owl, and Ford Buckminster Beaver. A minibiographical portrait of each lovable character is included on the back of the cards, from which we learn: Stella loves "dipping and swooshing" on her custom hang glider; Murray enjoys "toot-tooting around" on his bicycle; Pearl is an amateur astronomer often found "sitting at the tippity top of her tree, watching the sky go by"; and so on. These unique and joyful 4¼"x5½" blank cards-set includes one each of six designs, plus envelopes-carry your messages to loved ones with earth-friendly panache!

(UM5112) Summer Fun Animal Cards


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