St. Jerome Statue

St. Jerome Statue

#UJ6382 $39.95

More than a thousand years ago, the monk who would become St. Jerome ventured into the desert seeking spiritual abundance in physical deprivation. Yet when the time came to throw off his worldly goods, the devoted scholar found he could not abandon his books! For that all-too-understandable weakness, he became the patron saint of booklovers and librarians and the model for this handsome figurine. Handcrafted of modified gypsum and standing 7" tall, our St. Jerome Statue is depicted reading one of his beloved books and sheltering a lion beneath his cloak. (Legend has it that Jerome once removed a thorn from a lion's paw, earning its eternal gratitude - explaining why statues of lions guard libraries like the one on New York's Fifth Avenue.) With a sturdy hook embedded in its back, this statue can either stand on a shelf or hang on the wall in your home library or den, keeping watch over your favorite reading spot. (Made in the U.S.A.)

(UJ6382) St. Jerome Statue


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