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Natural Cleaning Tips Towel Set

Natural Cleaning Tips Towel Set

#UL0722 $24.95

Love a clean house and spotless laundry but hate the stench of abrasive chemical cleansers? Simply raid your kitchen cabinets - for lemons, baking soda, and vinegar - add some elbow grease, and...voilà! Your home and linens will be sparkling and sweetsmelling in no time. Just follow the simple recipes and easy cleaning tips printed on our 100% cotton Natural Cleaning Tips Towel Set: One of the two 28"x32" towels offers advice for basic cleaning and drain unclogging, while the other tackles stain removal. Of course both flour-sack towels can be drafted into service during spring cleaning...but they'll look so cute hanging in your kitchen, too!

(UL0722) Natural Cleaning Tips Towel Set


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