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Keep Your Brain Alive CD

Keep Your Brain Alive CD

Lawrence C. Katz and Manning Rubin
#UM2692 $14.95

For those of us who repeatedly misplace our keys, forget the neighbors' names, or sometimes can't recall if we're halfway up the stairs or halfway down, there is hope. Yes, neurobics! It's exercise for the brain. Keep Your Brain Alive CD, based on neuroscientific research, presents a series of simple activities designed to stimulate the production of nutrients in the brain that help keep it vigorous and agile. Read aloud with a partner, brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, eat dinner with your eyes closed…these are among the eighty-three invigorating "exercises" that make up the mental workout program. This offbeat audio book might be just the thing for meeting new challenges - like finding the car in the mall parking lot! (Set of two CDs with total running time of two hours.)

(UM2692) Keep Your Brain Alive CD


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