I Could Pee on This Note Cards

I Could Pee on This Note Cards

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"Thinking of You"
Sometimes/When I'm lying on
your bed
I glance over to you/And think,
"That person looks familiar"

These hilarious note cards deliver catty messages in the most delightful way possible: via feline poetry and adorable kitty photos. The boxed set includes four each of the four designs shown, expressing "congratulations," "thank you," "happy birthday," or simply "thinking of you" (see verse above). We're also offering the book that inspired the stationery, I Could Pee on This, a collection of nuanced (and laugh-out-loud funny) poems by cats and irresistible photographs of them doing the things they do: sitting on a keyboards, pawing at toilet paper, snoozing on the couch, etc. The book and note cards are must-haves for all the good-humored cat-lovers you know.

(UH5472) I Could Pee on This Note Cards


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$14.95 $8.97
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