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Charley Harper Lovey Dovey Umbrella

Charley Harper Lovey Dovey Umbrella

#UK3382 $39.95

Even a rainy day looks bright when you're safely tucked beneath one of these adorable bubble umbrellas featuring the artwork of Charley Harper! The clear vinyl canopy curves down to shield your head, neck, and shoulders from the rain and wind without impeding your view. Adapted from Harper's Lucky Ladybugs, our Lady Bug Umbrella boasts a bevy of the cute scarlet and polka-dotted insects, while the Lovey Dovey Umbrella, inspired by the artist's Good Lovin' and Turtle Dovin', displays gray-and-tan birds snuggled together. Clear acrylic handles with silvery details top off both umbrellas, which measure 37" long, expand to a 52"-diameter arc, and are so darn cute you'll be begging for rain!

(UK3382) Charley Harper Lovey Dovey Umbrella


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