Beatles #1 Singles Note Cards

Beatles #1 Singles Note Cards

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I Want to Hold Your Hand, "A Hard Day's Night," "Help!," "Penny Lane," "Hey Jude"...Are you humming yet? With no less than twenty-seven hit singles topping the charts in Britain and the United States, the Beatles are one of the most popular and influential bands of all time. This super-hip stationery set commemorates the successes of the "lads from Liverpool" with flat note cards resembling vinyl records, each bearing the name of one of the #1 tracks (write your message on the back). Each of the 27 little 4¾"-diameter paper discs slides into its own special envelope (extra postage required) that, when opened, reveals vintage album artwork (the date of the song's release and how long it remained in the top spot are listed, too). Packaged in a sturdy keepsake box, the Beatles #1 Singles Note Cards set makes a groovy present for nostalgic groupies, rock-and-rollers, and all fans of the Fab Four.

(UJ9032) Beatles #1 Singles Note Cards


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