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A Tale of Two Pastas

A Tale of Two Pastas

#UK5332 $22.95

It was the best of meals, it was the worst of meals...because when you're too busy reading to cook, supper can be unpredictable! So is it any wonder these clever meal kits caught our eye? Inside each book-shaped box are essential ingredients for creating a simple yet tasty meal, itemized in a handy "table of contents" inside the front "cover." A Tale of Two Pastas includes two different pastas (rainbow angel hair and fluted campanelle) along with dry ingredients for garlic herb sauce and marinara wine sauce. The Souperb Collection offers an "anthology" of soup mixes: White Cheddar Potato, Cheddar Brocolli, Tortilla Soup, and Chili. Yes, you'll need to have a few additional ingredients on hand - some diced veggies for the pasta sauces or meat for the chili and tortilla soup - but it all makes for a blissfully easy and delicious meal. What a cute and clever gift for the bookish cook you know!

(UK5332) A Tale of Two Pastas


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