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Little Black Classics Set

# UL8862 Boxed set of eighty paperbacks
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To celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Penguin Books in 2015, the iconic UK publisher mined its impressive catalogue to release eighty volumes in a new "Little Black Classic" series: concise (about 60 pages each) chunks of masterful literature, in a pocket-sized format (6½"x4½" paperbacks) sold at a reasonable price (less than $2 a pop). This boxed set collects those first eighty titles in one 19"x6½" slipcase containing an expansive and varied selection of fiction, essays, poetry, and maxims, from Boccaccio's bawdy fourteenth-century tales of Mrs. Rosie and the Priest (#1) to the ancient Buddhist aphorisms from The Dhammapada (#80). Whether you revisit a favorite classic from school days like Poe's chilling The Tell-Tale Heart (#31) or Chaucer's comical The Wife of Bath (#28); enjoy a "new" work by a favorite author like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or Emily Brontë; or discover a classic from another culture, you'll be entertained and enriched by any selection you choose! The collectible miniature library makes a perfect gift for students, graduates, commuters, retirees...any serious reader on your list. (AG)
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